Wood & Timber marking equipment and solutions.
marking.lv offer wide range of industrial marking solutions for woodworking industry to automate, increase efficiency and improve quality of wood and timber marking.

It has become increasingly important to automate production and cut costs where possible to be competitive and manual wood product marking, like for example marking with paint sprays is becoming unacceptably inefficient  solution for many companies.

While upgrading sawmills companies are trying to upgrade marking solutions in their facilities and change old paint sprays with automatic on-line printers that can print variable information without additional workforce to operate them.

Automatic printers can be used to print CE, FSC, PEFC certificate or any other variable information like sizes, company logo and manufacturer data on wood products.

Benefits of modern wood and timber marking systems:
24/7/365 remote diagnostic and technical support.
Integrated "Air Knife" - Clears the incoming board of dust and debris.
"Multi-Position Ski" - Allows for varying product thickness, and easy access for servicing.
End Waxing - Automates the process of sealing the ends of the boards to prevent moisture penetrating the board.
Reporting - Keeps users informed of the status of all facets of the system.
Vision System - Hardware monitors the print quality, performance, detects any mechanical issues, and reports back to system.
Barcode Verifier - Hardware checks to barcodes applied to each board and reports any errors back to centralised system.
Integrated Capping/Wiping System - Caps cartridges when not in use, and cleans them before start up eliminating need for manual cartridge maintenance.
Redesigned Z-Regulators - Significantly increase the life of the bulk cartridges, dramatically reducing operating costs.
Built-in Heating elements - Heated printheads and printers to ensure high reliability and print quality in low temperatures.
Piezoelectric inkjet printers
Experience gained through work in industrial marking field for more than 10 years have proved us that in many cases equipment sold in Eastern Europe, Post-Soviet States or other developing world countries is often incorrectly chosen, or simply the wrong technology has been selected.
On regular basis we come across situations when local engineers or "self proclaimed local specialists" have sold and installed something that simply would not work - customer choose their solution because it was 10 - 30 % cheaper than equivalent from reliable Western manufacturer, but as a result gets only 30 - 50% of the productivity, reliability and quality.
Bad examples.
Local "integrators" - production line manufacturers or assemblers, without knowledge about marking technologies, have bought some printer online and built it into production line just to "tick the box" for marking capability and win the tender.
Local "integrators" - contact random printer manufacturer directly where they are greeted by very enthusiastic Sales Manager without any industry knowledge who just want to sell his printers because that is all he knows.
Selecting incorrect technology.
Technologically incorrect printer placement.
Sample of poor quality timber marking.
In Eastern European countries, Post-Soviet States or other developing regions there is often a stereotype of "the evil reseller-distributor" who just want to cheat and earn easy money.

Mislead by this stereotype many choose to figure out or build something themselves using cheap parts bought online and trying to assemble manufacturing equipment.

The reality is that industry specialist who have worked with many projects in multiple countries and specialize in certain field of equipment over the years have seen many situations and learned what works and what does not work.
In the same time we have to highlight that not all inkjet printer manufacturers are honest these days.
Industry specialist, over the years, have seen which manufacturer equipment is reliable and which is not, where as someone who tries to build system himself without industry insight or experience in this field will not be capable to evaluate printer quality.
This same rule applies to machine builders and integrators - although they have knowledge of mechanics and production line assembly, they often lack knowledge about marking technologies and inkjet printers.
"Beautifully built", but dysfunctional  timber marking system.
Is some cases we can observe Eastern European machine builder proudly talking about their machines, but few years later we can see the same person being interviewed already working in a different field and admitting that few years ago they built machines thinking they knew what they were doing, but now admitting they did not... and now have moved to different field.
What are the benefits of choosing solution from a company that specialize in industrial marking solutions?

If company specialize in the field of marking equipment, over the years, they will have learned which printer manufacturer and technology is reliable and which is not.
Learning from mistakes.

Our company have worked in the field of industrial marking for more than 10 years and we often have clients coming to us asking for across when they already have some marking equipment but it does not work.

Over the years we have learned what is "just marketing" and what actually does work in this field.
Technological Knowledge.

If company work in specific field for long period of time they learn a lot about technologies.

For example industrial inkjet printers have more than 3 technologies and there are more than 5 printhead manufacturers in the world - How do you know which one is the best for each application? Experience.

Companies which build machines and production lines or provide tender consulting services simply do not have such expertise.
What do we recommend?
We recommend to choose solutions from a company specialized in the field of industrial marking, particularly for projects in wood processing industry we recommend to choose solutions from Western manufacturers who specialize in such systems instead of choosing cheaper local solution from company or individual who claims that he will make it "cheaper and better".
By using modern technologies it is not hard for technically minded person to understand the difference in reliability and quality between Western made manufacturing equipment and some local machine shop which assemble production lines using parts bought online from Chinese websites simply by seeing Western made machines in operation on YouTube.
What manufacturers we represent and work with?
We work with multiple marking equipment - inkjet printer and laser manufacturers from "The Western world".
Particularly in the field of inkjet printing for wood processing industry we work with Canadian company Z-Tec Automation Systems Inc. specializing in high-end wood, timber and plywood marking systems.
Z-Tec Automation Systems Inc. not so well know in Europe or Post-Soviet States, but is one of the undisputed market leaders in North America, New Zealand and Australia.
Z-Tec Automation Systems Inc. is pretty much the only company in the world with more than 100 marking systems installed for wood processing industry and providing worldwide 24/7/365 remote diagnostic and technical support for their systems. 
  • No other single company in Baltic region or even Europe, Post-Soviet States and Russia altogether have so many systems installed in this field.
  • No other company in Baltic region or Post-Soviet States offer 24/7/365 remote diagnostic and technical support for their systems in this field.
Plywood markingTimber pack marking
Z-Tec WinJet® II - brochure
Z-Tec WinJet® II Mini - brochure
Z-Tec WinJet® II facts and advantages - brochure
Piezoelectric inkjet printer marking sample on wood.
Laser marking systems for automated wood marking.
Additionally to all known inkjet printers that can be used to mark on wood we also offer laser marking solutions.

Main advantage of using laser is that there is no long term costs, no ink or any other consumables. 

Although laser marking system costs more than inkjet printers, because of no expenses on ink, investment in laser marking system pays off in average within 3 - 4 years.

Laser marking sample on wood.

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Automatic label applicators, Print & Apply systems.
  • Automatic label applicators for pallet labelling.
  • Print & Apply systems for automatic label printing and application in single production cycle by single system.

Plastic labels for lumber pack and pallet marking.
Alongside automatic marking systems and solutions we also offer Thermal Transfer label printers and special self-adhesive and non self-adhesive plastic labels and tags that can be overprinted in label printers.
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Portable & Hand-Held marking equipment.
Pneumatic guns for attaching labels or tags to wood products - timber or boards.

  • Heavy Duty Equipment.
  • Exceptionally Long Tool Life.
  • Specifically designed plastic labels in rolls for easy operation.
  • Extremely reliable pneumatic design.
Portable dot-peen marking guns for timber and furniture marking.
Dot-peen marking technology enables manufacturers to create permanent marking on wood and furniture parts.

Permanent marking stays visible after painting and can be used as identification & traceability tool or as furniture assembly instructions for the end user.

  • Pneumatic systems.
  • Electromechanical systems.
  • Battery powered - 100% portable systems.

Portable & Hand-Held inkjet printers.

  • Manual lumber marking solution.
  • Backup solution for when automatic marking system has failed, but products must be marked before shipping.

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Laser Surface Cleaning equipment for wood surface cleaning.
  • Non-abrasive surface cleaning technology.
  • Clean technology.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be use on fragile structures, for example restoration works.

Read more about other marking solutions we offer:

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