Laser marking with CO₂ lasers.
Laser marking using CO₂ gas lasers are most common type of laser marking.

CO₂ lasers are used to mark various organic materials like paper, cardboard, leather, wood, plastic, glass etc.

CO₂ lasers can print best before dates on PET bottles, plastic packaging, paper packaging and even on glass.

The main advatage of CO₂ lasers over other technologies used in food packaging marking is lack of need for consumables - while using CO₂ lasers to mark their production manufacturers don't need to order ink or any other consumables.

The only resource needed to use CO₂ laser to mark your production is electricity.
CO₂ laser marking sample on glass.

Disregarding that CO₂ laser purchase price is higher than CIJ inkjet purchase price in long term it's proven to be more economic industrial marking technology and main beverage companies are changing their equipment from CIJ inkjets to lasers.
CO₂ laser marking on wood.
Most common myth about laser marking vs CIJ marking is that lasers have to change light source and cost of this replacement is more expensive than gain of economy in ink.
Calculations have proven than even if laser have to change light source after 3 - 4 year operation in 2 shift production plant it's still more economical than CIJ in the same time of period.
For instance in average light source change for CO₂ laser cost the same as annual ink cost for CIJ inkjet printer or even less depending on usage and production values - as higher is production value, as higher gain from switching to laser marking from inkjet marking manufacturer will get.
CO-10A10WBrochure Рекламный проспект
CO-30A30WBrochure Рекламный проспект
Brochure Рекламный проспект

CO-10AP10WMarking-On-The-FlyBrochure Рекламный проспект
CO-30AP30WMarking-On-The-FlyBrochure Рекламный проспект
CO-60AP60WMarking-On-The-FlyРекламный проспект
Special solutions - High Power CO₂ Lasers.
Alongside standard systems of power levels between 10W and 60W Telesis Technologies Inc. also offer High Power - 80W CO₂ Laser Marking Systems suitable for high speed applications.

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